It’s no secret America is one of the largest and most wealthy
marketplaces in the world
. It just makes sense to take your business where
the buyers are. We all know the first three rules of business are:
Location, Location, and Location.

It might surprise you to know an online business in America operates for a fraction of what the same business could cost you in your own country.

The reality is it’s very difficult to find reliable information about setting up an American business when you don't live in America.

From: Robert Mangan, CEO of
Melbourne, Australia

FitnessLyceum - an online store retailing fitness equipment in the United States but set up and run by
Robert Mangan, a non-U.S. resident living 'down under'.

Setting up a business is hard work. But setting up a business in America when you don’t even live there, are not a resident or a citizen, and when you live half way around the world, is nearly impossible.

At least that’s how it felt for me.

Sometimes I felt like I was alone, paddling upstream, in rapids infested with sharks. I wondered if establishing a business in another country truly was something best left to fancy corporations with their expensive lawyers.

I didn’t have money to hire a room full of lawyers, at least not yet.

So I spent several months searching Google, just hoping to figure out a way to get my business started. The information I wanted simply wasn't to be found, or worse still, the information I did find was often just plain wrong!

More than once I fell prey to those online scam artists who make their fortunes from folks like you and me who are just trying to earn an honest living online. I consider myself fairly savvy, but they promised easy solutions to the exact problems I faced trying to setup my business.

Opening US bank account when you’re a non-us resident

Getting a US merchant account when you’re a non-us resident

Opening a business PayPal account in the US

How, Where and What type of business entity to register

Getting a physical address for my U.S. business

Getting Phone and Fax numbers for my U.S business

They say experience is the best teacher, but I’m not sure that’s true. If there had been someone to guide me through the entire process, walking ahead and warning me of potential dangers, I think I could have learned just as much.

Maybe I could have even learned more.

Online entrepreneurship can be lonely, but what if you could talk to someone who has already been there and succeeded? That is why I decided to write this book.

Through trial and error (sometimes more error than anything), I’ve blazed a trail for anyone who wants to base their online business in the United States. Why shouldn’t everyone be allowed to benefit from my blood, sweat, and tears?

Through the stories, experiences, tactics, and tips I share in this ebook, you can.

I’ll share personal experiences with you. I’ll reveal the paradigm shift that made everything work for me, and why it will work for you too

Things like:

How to set up a U.S. business so you can benefit from U.S. tax laws

How to open a U.S. bank account so you will avoid the outrageous exchange rates and check cashing fees charged by all banks

How to obtain a U.S. merchant account so you will get the lowest transaction fees and are able to compete with large American companies

How to find products, retail them online, provide excellent customer care, and manage all this from a small corner of your home, even if you don’t have room to store (or the funds to purchase) anything you want to sell

All the mistakes I made, even the most embarrassing ones, so you won’t be destined to repeat them

When you download your copy of this 125-page ebook, you also get my email address so you can get further help from me if you need it.

I promise to reply to each and every email.

Take advantage of U.S. tax laws for non-U.S. residents and cut down on exchange rates and other fees*

Offer your physical and dropship products, eBooks, software, and services to the World’s largest market and put more cash in your pocket

Get a U.S. personal bank account off the back of your U.S. company and do even more business in the U.S.

Because you run a successful and profitable U.S. business, you may qualify for a green card

I choose to sell exercise equipment through my American business.

I’ll show you the tactics I discovered that help me win the battle against really big boys like Amazon and Walmart.

And although there are companies who would love to make a ton of money selling you dropshipping lists, I’ll show you how to use dropshipping to your advantage, without crossing over to the dropshipping dark side.

*Always consult an accountant about the tax you’re are liable to pay, whether you run a business in your own country or from the U.S.

I didn’t want to add another get rich quick scheme to the plethora of “helpful” guides already cluttering the web, or another book of “secrets the experts don’t want you to know (but you could easily find on Google). This ebook isn’t a “blue print,” or an “automated process you can run wearing your pajamas and bunny slippers” (I wouldn’t rule out the pajamas and the bunny slippers, but you are going to have to work).

When you order this book, what you’ll get is a candid 125-page report of what I did right, what I did wrong, and what I would do differently next time, all of it based on my own personal, real-life experience setting up a U.S. based online store from a small corner of my home in Melbourne, Australia.

My U.S. based online store was my first business ever. I possess no extraordinary talents or intelligence. If I was able to succeed, then, believe me, anyone who follows these step by step instructions can succeed as well.

So if you’ve ever thought about starting your own online business, or even if you already have an online business and want to take advantage of the tax benefits, lower overheads, have exchange rate conversions work in your favor, or to just look more credible to your U.S. suppliers and customers this book will show you how.

I started talking to Robert before this book had been written and I was one of the people that initially encouraged him to write the book. I was toying with the idea of drop shipping in the U.S. but really had no idea how to go about it, what was needed and what I should expect. Before the book was even written he was very helpful to me. He consistently answered a lot of the questions I was asking him and seemed to genuinely want me to avoid going through the same headaches that he had to. I saw him as the role model as he was doing exactly what I wanted to be doing already. If you want to set up a U.S. business and you are based abroad, this will tell you everything you'll ever need to know.

The main thing that I think of with Robert and his book is how much of an honest book it is. He is candid and straightforward with the reader from the start. There is no mention of a simple and easy automated system, no mention of getting rich quickly and no ridiculous sounding promises of what you potentially make within a week. When you purchase this book you are purchasing very specialised knowledge from a guy that has been through it all and learned from experience. He's selling highly useful and vital information; he's not selling any dreams.

This book is very comforting and confidence inspiring in a different way to how the 'get rich quick' ebooks are. You come out of reading the book knowing EXACTLY what you are going to expect and exactly what you are going to need to do.

You are taken through his story from the very beginning. Robert made some absolutely horrendous, time consuming, sometimes very expensive F**K UPS throughout his time getting to where he is now.

He managed to become a success and get to where I want to be now having to struggle to climb the hill, all he needed was a good heart and a very determined effort. If Robert managed to end up with a successful dropshipping business without any of this information and having made all of these mistakes, there is absolutely no reason why I can't!!

Towards the end of the book he provides you with a very detailed and structured timeline detailing the whole process that includes the costs from the beginning to end. This is a sort of 'what I did - what you should do' timeline. Following this timeline will literally make it cost you a fraction of the time and money than it did for him. This alone would be worth a small fortune to anybody seriously considering setting up a U.S business.

There is so much good advice about such a wide variety of topics that I can only scratch the surface of the book. The bonus materials are brilliant and add great value to the product as a whole.

This information is perfect for people that: A) Have a business set up that you are planning on launching in the US and are trying to find out about the steps that need to be taken. B) Are considering setting up a US drop-shipping, information or software business but are not entirely sure.

It will save you so much time, stress and money. If you are not sure, you will know after reading this book whether or not it is for you. You will be clear on what's involved and this will make the decision process much easier.

If you belong to any of the two groups above, then this decision is an absolute no brainer.

David Bird, England

This is like a Swiss Army Knife for starting up a business to US. Based in Malaysia, I want to expand my business a bit further to market my service to the most internet savvy people on Earth.

But the problem I faced before is HOW.

And this guide, written by Robert, has help me a lot.

At least I know, where to start, who should I contact etc.

Reading this guide is like reading a bedtime story, which is so much fun.

Well, I love to hear stories.

Thanks Robert.

PS : The bonus material you provide is so helpful

Raja Kamil, Malaysia

If you're looking for solid advice (truth) on how to start and maintain a drop-shipping business in USA (without actually being there physically) from a person whose been there and done that, then this is it…

The author describes pretty much EVERYTHING you need and should know about this type of online business. This includes (but not limited to) problems like:

  • How to setup a business in USA as a non-us citizen (opening a U.S. bank account, getting a physical mailing address, sorting things out with PayPal,…)
  • Which products to sell (how to find the right niches and suppliers who offer dropshipping,…)
  • How to setup your website (which domain to choose, which shopping cart software to choose, how to plan your website for maximum conversions, Return Policy)
  • The costs associated to running a U.S. business
  • And much more!

In short, this guide can and will save you tons of time that you would otherwise spend on research. Plus, it can save you money as well as you'll be building your business based on the right information – instead of making all the mistakes by yourself and then learning from them.

I recommend this product, not only to people interested in having a (successful) dropshipping business, but to everyone involved in (online) business in general.

Denis Klicic, Slovenia

No sooner had I got this book did I finish reading it within the next few hours as it got me hooked from start to finish. Having myself spent a large fortune on some of the very Best (and Worst) ebooks and courses on the internet, I must say that I have grown to be extremely critical and hesitant on writing testimonials – I hardly do at all. There are the occasional good works, but most of them are a work of mediocre reharsed standards that hardly justifies the price they sell.

However, this one is different. Robert has marvellously injected much personality and tone of passion in the ebook, while at the same time being brutally honest in his experiences and generous in the resources he provides, and in advising those who seriously seek a U.S.- based business in the capacity of a Non-U.S Resident. The result is outstanding content and information that is worth a labyrinth of gold. Finally, this ebook ranks as one of the BEST I have ever read. I strongly recommend that you invest in whatever price he places on it before he regains his sanity and changes his mind on this ridiculously low price setting. Amazing work and value!

Marcus Alphaeus, Australia

Download your copy, read it, and take the first steps toward your own U.S. based online business today.

And with access to my personal email address, I’ll be there anytime you don’t think you can.

This 40,000 word guide is packed with details that show you the straight path toward owning your own U.S. business.

You’ll learn:

The real costs involved in setting up your company so you won’t be up to your ears in debt before you even begin.

The real monthly costs involved in running your company so you can make every decision based on your actual bottom line.

The secret to avoiding scam artists, based on my own experience.

Why you must avoid “workarounds” and tricks and set things up the right way.

How to generate the five pages your online business must have before you even think about setting up a merchant bank account.

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I would not be where I am today if it were not for the expertise of those I’ve listed in this ebook. If, like me, you are new to starting an online business you can fall prey to unscrupulous companies and individuals who care more about taking your money rather than delivering the service they promise they will. Through trial and error I found these wonderful vendors and service providers. When you find someone you can trust to do the job and at a fair price, it really is priceless.

The value of this ebook, American Business Launch, is self evident.

I could charge hundreds of dollars for the information you get in this product but I’ve decided to sell it at a price everyone can afford.

But don’t get value confused with a low price. This book’s value could be immeasurable, but its price is only:

Of course, I can’t promise you’ll succeed. That’s a promise only you can keep. Your success depends on your perseverance and your passion.

But one thing I can promise is this:

Get your copy of the American Business Launch for a one time payment of $67! You will be given immediate access to the download link.

Please note: All 4 books come in PDF format.

When you click the "Add To Cart" link you will arrive at this ClickBank Secure Payment page which quickly and clearly takes you through the payment process:

The journey you’re about to undertake, establishing a U.S. based online business and making it into a successful company, doesn’t come with any guarantees.

But this book does. Order yours now.

I look forward to working with you on your new adventure.

To your success,

P.S. Imagine, you a United States business owner, tapping into a larger market than you might even imagine. It’s not just your dream, it’s my dream too. Once you get this book, shoot me an email (you get the email address in the book) and let me know you’re about to get started. I’d love to hear from you!